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The 34-year-old business strategist, marketing consultant, financial columnist and motivational speaker – and very visible Hasidic Jew — does, however, see a divine hand guiding his success. His Jerusalem- and New York-based consultancy is named It’s All From Above.
“I can trace anything I’ve accomplished to other things I’ve done that weren’t moneymakers, and it all leads back to shamayim [heaven],” he says.

His lecture at Google Tel Aviv on leveraging social media? His marketing workshop at Tel Aviv University? Both came out of connections from a lecture to members of the Israel Translators Association. His gig with the Jewish National Fund? That resulted from his work for communications consultant Gil Peretz, author of Obama’s Secrets.

Ginzberg has clients in Egypt, Dubai, Italy, Japan, Australia and the Caribbean. He was voted one of Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2005. He’s advised politicians, corporate executives, nonprofits, startups and even a Hollywood movie studio.

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg advises business, entrepreneurs, and organizations on marketing strategy and amping up their business using time-tested techniques with a “kneitch”– a yiddish word meaning “with a unique twist”.

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